Know what your shoppers need,
before they do

Unlock the $2.860 trillion* retail market. 1-2-1 personalization by
focusing on your customers mission.

We provide a SaaS API first solution that increases revenue and
conversion through AI and big data.

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Aide Data Customer Experience
Platform (CXP)

Aide Data provides an API-first service that delivers live, real-time recommendations to B2C retailers and B2B companies across all of your service channels your website, mobile application, in-store, call center or even through the latest technologies like chat bots integrating directly into your existing infrastructure ensuring you own the experience and can personalize now, not tomorrow.

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What We Do?

Aide Data CXP focuses in real-time on your customer's mission.

Missions change each time a shopper visits a website and this can't be identified by only looking at past purchases, or the single item they are viewing.

We focus on your customers behaviors on every visit, so we can provide relevant recommendations for the products your customers will love and keep.

Mission accomplished.

How We Do It?


Go Live Faster

API-first delivering live, real-time recommendations to your customers on their missions.
Launch in 2 weeks.


Personalise & Delight

AI & Big Data first API-powered platform delivering exceptional experiences to your customers whilst increasing your revenue and conversion rates.


ROI from Day Zero

Delight your customers from day one, with a flexible commercial model that is aligned to your success.
Immediate invaluable insight into your customers and your products.