Our Mission
Process Management
Research & Analysis
We turn data into actionable information.
Our clients expect us to turn raw data into information tools that increase utilization.
Give us hard copy forms and we take the problems off your hands designing a customized, turn key system to receive, input, manage and analyze your data.
Providing more than just data files, we design and manage the entire survey process so that your information is timely, accessible and useful.

Data Entry On Your Terms

AIDE Data's data entry service has been turning disorganized, endless streams of data into actionable information since 2005.

Whether you have a stack of contact forms, sweepstakes or contest entries, warranty cards, birthday club applications, a pile of redeemed coupons, or just a warehouse full of hand-written records, AIDE can take your raw information and turn it into a database now.

Rather than outsourcing overseas to workers who simply aren't as familiar with US names, places, phone number formats, or handwriting, get the job done quickly and accurately by our US-based, college-educated workforce. Our data-entry specialists use proprietary software to deliver a staggeringly high level of precision, at a modest cost. And we will deliver your work in any data format your require.

For a free evaluation of your data entry or transcription needs, fill out a request form.

Our work speaks for itself...

DFW Scanning Logo

"As a provider of data services to our clients, we needed a partner that could translate a huge amount of hand-written data in the form of ledgers into a database in a short period of time. We thought we would have to work with multiple data-entry providers to get the job done on time, but AIDE came to our rescue. They helped us figure out not only how to get the job done quickly, but how to organize the data files so that they would interface with our systems. I don't know how we would have met our client's needs and schedule without their expertise and capacity." George Contos, DFW Scanning

Our Clients Say...

Calloway's Logo

“Calloways has used AIDE Data’s services for nearly two years. They designed a data entry system that is nearly automatic. Our local stores send them handwritten entries which they enter and upload to our exclusive Calloways data entry portal."
Bob Watchorn, Calloway's Nursery, Inc.

Our Clients Say...

Octagon Logo

“AIDE Data has turned our Spanish and English event entries into information that has given us a better understanding of who attends our events. The information AIDE data has tallied from surveys has been very valuable to our client to better market its vehicle products to customers across the country.” Claudia, Octagon

Our Clients Say...

Cotton Patch Logo

“I have worked with AIDE Data for a number years with two different restaurants. Most recently, at Cotton Patch Café, AIDE Data has enabled us to build a new email birthday club. They have provided us with accurate data about our customers from over 35 different restaurant locations.” Ginger Lehrfeld, Cotton Patch

Our Clients Say...

Mercury Werks Logo

"AIDE Data provides excellent marketing support services, especially in the field of consumer database building and response tracking. Thanks to AIDE's customized service offerings, we have been able to provide more services and more value to our clients than we ever would have managed with internal resources. When they put together a system, they make it not only cost-effective, but we know the incoming customer information or other data will be highly accurate and come in on time. Their turn-key options for gathering and tracking information from multi-unit retail really allow us to keep our focus on the value-added services we provide to the client in the form of insight and customer relationship management." Chip Gorman, Mercury Werks

Our Clients Say...

"We have used AIDE Data’s services to turn handwritten event entries into customer maps and usable electronic databases. They have done it all for us - entered in demographic data, email address, tallied survey results, verified addresses and phone numbers. They always have the resources and flexibility to meet our needs in a timely manner. We just drop the forms in the mail and have a usable database in about a week, no matter how many forms are submitted the job always gets turned around in quick and efficient fashion." Carlos Ybarra, Account Executive – Multicultural, Octagon